This Data Journalism Course, or MOOC, is part of the European Journalism Centre's Data Driven Journalism initiative, which aims to enable more journalists, editors, news developers and designers to make better use of data and incorporate it further into their work. Started in 2010, the initiative also runs the website as well as the School of Data Journalism, and produced the acclaimed Data Journalism Handbook.




Project manager: Arne Grauls
Video production: Ivan Picart
Project lead: Liliana Bounegru
Support: Martine Rouweler, Lucas Daniels

Advisory Board

This course benefitted from the input and guidance of: Justin Arenstein (African Media Initiative); Josh Hatch (The Chronicle of Higher Education); Scott Klein (ProPublica); Angélica Peralta Ramos (La Nacion, Argentina); Aron Pilhofer (The New York Times); Guido Romeo (Wired Italy); Sascha Venohr (Zeit Online).


Akira Oda, for the Japanese subtitle translations
Jaeok Kim, for the Korean subtitle translations

Gustavo Barrera , for the Spanish subtitle translations Module 1